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 Schauspieler --> Neues Nina Dobrev Interview

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Neues Nina Dobrev Interview

Es gibt ein neues Interview von Nina!
Unten könnt ihr es euch durchlesen und anschauen.
Viel Spaß dabei (:

Zitat :
When Zap2it visited the set of "The Vampire Diaries" in Atlanta, we had a long chat with our favorite doppelganger, Nina Dobrev -- and we thought we'd give you a little sneak peek of our interview to tide you over through the last weekend of hiatus.

vamp fans, "TVD" returns this Thursday, April 7, after a long, bleak
intermission, and the stakes are higher than ever for Elena (Dobrev) as
she prepares for the inevitable arrival of Klaus -- the greatest villain
we've faced yet.

Whenever Elena is in danger, which is pretty much always, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder)
are on high alert. In upcoming episodes, the brothers Salvatore, who
have lingered in an unlikely alliance all season, are going to turn on
each other once again. They disagree on the best way to protect Elena.
Plus, Damon is about to get more vocal about his strong feelings for his
brother's girlfriend -- and his character will be called into question
when Stefan and Elena discover that he's been compelling and feeding
from the local news anchor.

There's no doubt that Damon's taken a
dark turn in the second half of this season, but Dobrev is quick to
point out that it's hard to blame Damon for following his natural,
bloodthirsty instincts. Elena has asked Damon to "be the bigger man,"
and to his credit, he's put forth considerable effort.

"When we
first started the show, Damon was this crazy maniacal killer, and he was
basically a ticking time bomb," Dobrev says. "Then he started to
somewhat redeem himself, almost for Elena, and he kept doing all these
great things, but he wasn't really getting rewarded for it. To his
defense, why be good if nothing ever comes of it?"

She makes a
good point. Throughout the season, Damon has pulled through for Elena on
countless occasions, but -- despite the fact that she has forgiven
Damon for some of his more dastardly deeds -- she's still only got eyes
for Stefan.

"He never gets rewarded for his good deeds, so he's
kind of going back to his selfish state as well," she says, referring to
his new girlfriend, Andie Starr. "[He's] doing things to make himself
happy and to feel loved and get attention, even if he's compelling
someone to give him that attention and it's not genuine."

influence in their lives is going to cause some strain for Stefan and
Elena, who just can't seem to catch a break. Earlier this season, they
took a weekend vacation. Before it was interrupted by a murderous
werewolf, the question of their future together (and the implied
obstacle of his immortality) was addressed. Elena didn't really want to
touch on it, but we had to ask Nina her opinion on whether Elena would
be ready to commit to an eternity with Stefan.

"The question of
whether or not Elena will turn and become a vampire, whether for or not
for Stefan -- it's always a possibility," she says coyly.

are certain things that stand in the way of Elena making that kind of a
choice. Dobrev points out that while Stefan has lived an entire lifetime
and experienced all there is to experience, Elena is still a
17-year-old girl -- and though that 150 year age difference hasn't been a
problem yet, it lingers there.

Plus, as she adds, "There's always the Damon thing."

Who could forget?


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Schauspieler --> Neues Nina Dobrev Interview

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